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My Cocktails

My Cocktails


Ingredients required: White Rum, Whisky, Vodka, Triple Sec, Tonic Water, Tequila, Sugar, Simple Syrup, Rum, Pineapple Juice Concentrate. [See the full ingredient list]

A list created by hsheikh

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  1. Hazelnut MartiniHazelnut Martini

    Sweet and nutty!
    By David

  2. Lemon DaiquiriLemon Daiquiri

    A great classic recipe I rediscovered when I ran out of limes for my daiquiri
    By David

  3. Perfect MargaritaPerfect Margarita

    By Shaun

  4. Margarita - The OriginalMargarita - The Original

    The original and true Margarita recipe. The orange liqueur it contains being the only sweeteness it needs.
    By David

  5. The Parrot

    This is an easy one to prepare and I know that ladies will love it. They won't say it but guys love it too. Don't be fooled by the ingredients or the sissy name. It's a pure aphrodisiac and it is completely legal
    By Pedro

  6. Blue LagoonBlue Lagoon

    A popular summer drink. Famous for its blue color.
    By David

  7. Fallen Angel

    A hint of mint in your usual gin & lime combo.
    By David

  8. Old FashionedOld Fashioned

    This drink was old fashioned in the 1880's. Still a very tasty cocktail.
    By David

  9. Irish JulepIrish Julep

    The perfect drink for St. Patrick's Day
    By David

  10. French ConnectionFrench Connection

    A simple and great after dinner cocktail
    By David

  11. Dirty Monkey

    A strong drink to enjoy after dinner.
    By David

  12. Popeye the sailor

    Drink made up by the hlava22 team in Bratislava
    By hlava22

  13. Basil Daiquiri

    Nice little drink found in a magasine.
    By Cinthia

  14. Between the SheetsBetween the Sheets

    A delicious easy-to-drink cocktail
    By David

  15. Tropical Pimm'sTropical Pimm's

    This is a new Twist On the tradtional Pimm's, with a high tropical taste and look.
    By Alex_Garnett_Moor

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