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The Orange State Pirate

The Orange State Pirate

An aromatic cocktail that combines the use of fresh juice and exotic ingredients such as Haiti bitter orange essence, Trinidad (the land of hummingbird, South Caribbean) spiced rum and a hint of almond from Amaretto. Carefully crafted drink with two stages shaken method to create an opaque sunrise orange potion and smooth lingering taste that will take away your soul. Garnish with flamed orange peel to celebrate the Orange State Pirate flag of its trademark.

[Apéritif] [Piscine] [Rafraichissant] [Sucré]

Ingrédients [ oz | cl ][ Mon bar ]
12 oz Rhum épicé[ Ajouter ]
1 oz Grand Marnier[ Ajouter ]
14 oz Amaretto[ Ajouter ]
1 oz Jus d'orange[ Ajouter ]
14 oz Jus de lime[ Ajouter ]
12 oz Sirop de sucre[ Ajouter ]
1 Blanc d'oeuf[ Ajouter ]
Méthode: Préparer dans un shaker
Verre: à cocktail
  1. Try to find a spiced rum with vanilla and cinnamon spices in it or use what available.
  2. Prepare mise en place and garnish (cut out some orange peel)
  3. Mix all ingredients in the shaker
  4. Dry shake (without ice) well to emulsify ingredients
  5. Add ice to dilute and chill
  6. Strain and pour into oversized cocktail glass
  7. Flame the orange peel by using match stick or lighter
  8. Rub the orange peel around the rim of glassware
  9. Put garnish on and serve

Volume: 3,5 oz
Unités d'alcool: 2,0 verres standard
Alcool par volume (ABV): 19%


Nombre de visionnement: 14836
Evaluation moyenne: 6,7 (3 évaluations)

Mon évaluation


It is a part of uni project that we have to come up with a cocktail recipe and costing.

It is quite cheap to make per serving as it does not require a lot of alcohol to produce.

I have learnt many things from the internet and I want to share with something I found.
Give it a try

The Orange State Pirate

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