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Type: Sirop
Grenadine is traditionally a red syrup used both for its flavor and to give a pink tinge to mixed drinks.

Ajouté par David

Tous les drinks avec Grenadine

  1. Weng wengWeng weng 8,8/10

    Un drink populaire et puissant en provenances des Philippines,
    Par David

  2. ZombieZombie 8,8/10

    Le zombie est un cocktail très populaire chez les jeunes. Il est délicieux et très fort en alcool donc attention : après 2 zombies, vous allez en avoir l'air d'un!
    Par David

  3. The Gotham JusticeThe Gotham Justice 8,8/10

    The Batman mocktail is good, but not good enough. A small hint of spirit can make it even extraordinary.
    Par johnniepop

  4. Meister on MarsMeister on Mars 8,8/10

    If done correctly there will be four individual layers of red, orange, blue, and black that should mimic mars and it phasing into space.
    Par Intoxicologist

  5. HurricaneHurricane 8,8/10

    La fierté du Pat O'Brien's Bar situé dans le cartier français à la Nouvelle Orléans.
    Par David

  6. ScofflawScofflaw 8,8/10

    One of the tastiest bourbon/rye based cocktails.
    Par johnniepop

  7. Southern Comfort Hurricane 8,8/10

    Une variation du populaire cocktail Hurricane
    Par David

  8. CerveauCerveau 8,7/10

    Don't be fool by the name, this shooter is quite tasty and is well suited for an Halloween party (or any party if you ask me!)
    Par AlexRicher

  9. Honolulu HammerHonolulu Hammer 8,7/10

    Lovely, subtly-flavored tropical enjoyment that can knock ya flat.
    Par Tawny

  10. Batman Cocktail #2Batman Cocktail #2 8,7/10

    This non-alcoholic version of the cocktail has nothing in common with its spirited counter-part. It doesn't resemble the name in no way, except maybe that it is pretty cool mocktail after all.
    Par johnniepop

  11. Bloody Smurf 8,7/10

    Its a small drink with a really peculiar taste. Its half dark green and half red with a little white inside
    Par rex111198

  12. Nut 'n' FruityNut 'n' Fruity 8,6/10

    A little almond, orange and pomegranate to make a really smooth drink.
    Par Tawny

  13. Hökis Sunrise 8,6/10

    A refreshing cocktail with a nice orange colour.
    Par SexInGoodSpirit

  14. 77 Sunset Strip77 Sunset Strip 8,5/10

    Gorgeous sunset looking cocktail. One that makes those who don't like drinking want more
    Par michael_spain

  15. Shirley TempleShirley Temple 8,5/10

    Un drink sans alcohol tout simple
    Par David

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