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Tequila Dorée

Tequila Dorée

Type: Spiritueux (de la catégorie Tequila)
Gold Tequila is typically a Mixto, where colorants and flavorings have been added prior to bottling. These "young and adulterated" Tequilas are less expensive and used in many bars and restaurants for "mixed drinks".

There are exceptions however, as a "Gold" or "Joven" Tequila can also be the result of blending a Silver Tequila with a Reposado and/or Añejo Tequila, while keeping the 100% Agave classification.
Source: Tequila.Net
Alcool par volume: 40%

Ajouté par brett

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  1. Italian Margarita 9,2/10

    Par Shaun

  2. Jack's SourJack's Sour 9,0/10

    I made my own Tequila based sour!
    Par Pleuts

  3. Mexican MuleMexican Mule 8,7/10

    Tequila et Ginger Ale
    Par David

  4. Whistle 7,7/10

    Smells like after taste
    Par Yanah

  5. Madras MexicainMadras Mexicain 6,7/10

    Une version très raffraichissante du Madras classique.
    Par David

  6. Golden SlumberGolden Slumber 6,2/10

    A trendy drink to get the weekend started and a mood raiser for parties. This cocktail is a self-creation (as far as I know) to tickle your sense of taste.
    Par solicitor73

  7. Neato Bandito

    Tequila and blueberry
    Par ivan89le

  8. Red Bull Margarita

    Also called a Matador.
    Par David