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Jus de citron

Jus de citron

Type: Jus
Jus de citron fraichement pressé.

Ajouté par David

Tous les drinks avec Jus de citron

  1. Christmas Winter Mojito 8,0/10

    Uniquely made with two lemon slice, four mint leaves muddled in sugar syrup. A Mojito with a difference.
    Par chelseaboy007

  2. Between the SheetsBetween the Sheets 7,9/10

    Délicieux, un cocktail qui se boit tout seul
    Par David

  3. Bloody MaryBloody Mary 7,9/10

    Le drink classique au jus de tomates qui vous remet sur pied!
    Par David

  4. The Aviation 7,8/10

    A classic but hard to make cocktail
    Par David

  5. Raspberry Tatanka (Szarlotka) 7,7/10

    A classic polish drink made with Zubrowka grass seed vodka, fresh raspberries and apple juice.
    Par Wilky25

  6. Blue LagoonBlue Lagoon 7,6/10

    Un drink d'été populaire, célèbre pour sa couleur bleue.
    Par David

  7. DezzaronnoDezzaronno 7,5/10

    A strong, yet deceptively easy to drink cocktail... Be careful!
    Par Dezzamondo

  8. Philfer Sting 7,5/10

    Cool and exciting
    Par Yanah

  9. CollinsCollins 7,4/10

    Un classique comme drink d'été rafraichissant
    Par David

  10. JasmineJasmine 7,3/10

    Created at the Townhouse Bar & Grill in Emeryville, California in the mid-1990s by Paul Harrington (author of Cocktail: The Drinks Bible for the 21st Century), the Jasmine is a modern classic, and a great introduction to Campari for those trying it for the first (or the fifth) time.
    Par stangelj

  11. Dawa 7,2/10

    This is special cocktail discorved at This is special for evening time-night.
    Par Mudi

  12. Snake in the Grass 7,2/10

    As dangerous as a snake in the grass
    Par David

  13. Blue DevilBlue Devil 7,0/10

    Un cocktail bleu très raffraichissant
    Par David

  14. Gin & Sin 7,0/10

    Tasty and refreshing classic.
    Par gcasta

  15. Leap YearLeap Year 7,0/10

    The Leap Year is a somewhat popular cocktail, at least it's been around for many years (1930's at least) and if it is not on the tips of tongues, it is at least in the back of some minds and a well-rounded Martini alternative. This is a sort of enhanced Gin & It or an orange-flavored Emerson.
    Par Gennekak

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