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Cocktails de la catgorie Simple

Les meilleurs cocktails les plus simple. Ceux avec très peu d'ingrédients et des ingrédients faciles à trouver.

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  1. Angry AppleAngry Apple 9,0/10

    A good one for those who don't like the taste of beer. A good bubbly. Make it mild or spice it up. Use FireBall Whisky to taste.
    Par smithjudy30

  2. Scottish Ginger-Ale 9,0/10

    Nice refreshing whisky-based drink
    Par ThomasFraBergen

  3. Canadian Cowboy 9,0/10

    Sub the cranberry juice for cranberry soda or Crown Royal for Rye if you want your cowboy to have some punch in the nose!
    Par laceylschmidt

  4. Raspberry CocoRaspberry Coco 9,0/10

    A delicious flavored hot chocolate drink, perfect for an evening in front of a crackling fire.
    Par Martinez

  5. CranMojito 9,0/10

    A refreshing twist on a classic Mojito. Good with rum or without as a mock version.
    Par Kimberly

  6. Wild Blue YonderWild Blue Yonder 9,0/10

    Refreshing cocktail to celebrate the birthday of the U.S. Air Force!
    Par rodgerdrew

  7. Caribbean Mother's MilkCaribbean Mother's Milk 9,0/10

    My best take on at the Yoghurt liqueur so far.
    Par johnniepop

  8. Daiquiri 9,0/10

    Simple. Classic. Delicious.
    Par Jack Keenan

  9. Crush 43Crush 43 9,0/10

    A refreshing drink for the summer!
    Par maxmeister

  10. The St-Germain CocktailThe St-Germain Cocktail 9,0/10

    When one puts one’s name on something, that something must be perfect. This something is.
    Par johnniepop

  11. Violet MartiniViolet Martini 9,0/10

    Now typically the Martini is a Gin drink. Although the Vodka comes as a very trendy and fit replacement, it still counts as some kind of surrogate. And despite all that I just can't imagine a Gin variant of the Violet Martini - the vanilla adds its unique aroma, and hence we have this dessert treasure.
    Par johnniepop

  12. The Texas SipperThe Texas Sipper 9,0/10

    Another excellent cooler, elderflower edition.
    Par johnniepop

  13. Flower GardenFlower Garden 9,0/10

    Two flavours unusual for a cocktail, but very common in the garden.
    Par johnniepop

  14. Dr. Killya 9,0/10

    Simple and refreshing. Ratios are far from exact but a starting point, mix to your taste.
    Par AnOldCowhand

  15. Señor SparrowSeñor Sparrow 9,0/10

    Most men believe that Cocktails are ladies drink. I've been thinking of a bitter Cocktail for men.well its not that bitter,but strong enough for a man to enjoy No man would say no to rum, and whiskey. I combined 2 men in my mind,its short but worth ur money,its based on Captain Jack Sparrow's life story
    Par abielecious

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