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The Best Liqueur Cocktails

A collection of the best liqueur cocktails.

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  1. Pick Me Up

    Chartreuse shooter
    By deenybean

  2. Bruce Banner/Hulk

    Chartreuse shooter
    By deenybean

  3. Green Eye

    Chartreuse website.
    By deenybean

  4. Chartreuse 'Ito

    A variation of the classic Mojito.
    By deenybean

  5. Chartreuse Tonic

    Taken from Chartreuse website.
    By deenybean

  6. Chartreuse Episcopale

    Taken from the Chartreuse website.
    By deenybean

  7. 1605

    Chartreuse based cocktail
    By deenybean

  8. Toxic Chocolate

    Sweet and very strong perfect after dinner drink
    By winston.weasel

  9. Golden SnitchGolden Snitch

    Just like the classic Quidditch game winner!
    By bethlewis11

  10. Chocolate Winterland

    Sake and Ice Cream? Of course that sounds delicious.
    By ADrinkInOneHand

  11. Sunburst

    A drink made with chartreuse
    By David

  12. Acid rainAcid rain

    By mojito21000

  13. Desert Rose Freeze

    A frozen and creamy dessert drink with a strawberry taste.
    By David

  14. Fluffy Duck

    A classic drink made with Advocaat liquor.
    By David

  15. Maria L'OrangeMaria L'Orange

    A surprising harmony of flavours
    By David

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